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3 Up 2 Up is a Streetwear brand designed to empower all people throughout the state of WV. 

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best virginia 

We aim to empower all people throughout the state by first changing the perception.  This starts with showcasing our merchandise coupled with the beauties and adventures of the Mountain State.  Can you find substance in people and the scenic beauty that our state offers?   If so, become a brand rep, model or ambassador.   Fill out the application below, then you will be contacted via email within a week if you are accepted. 



Interested in becoming a model? Let's show the BEST of West Virginia with our 3 UP 2 UP merch. This is for anyone who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and live their BEST life. Your Instagram MUST be public to be accepted. 



Interested in becoming a rep? We have unmatched benefits for the BEST.  Reps have the unique opportunity of: 

  • earning exclusive brand merchandise.

  • a personalized discount code worth 15% off sitewide to share on social media accounts 

  • 15% commission on every sale you make  



Interested in becoming an ambassador?  Our team is searching for the BEST. You must have been a model and/or  brand rep to be considered - for at least one calendar year. Your Instagram MUST be public to be accepted. 

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You must have been a model and/or brand rep to be considered as an ambassador.
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