Bluefield State Graduate Is Continuing A Legacy

3 Up 2 Up Jevon Carpentar
I am continuing a legacy started by my great-grandfather.
— Jevon Carpentar

WV native, Jevon Carpenter, says "I am continuing a legacy started by my great-grandfather." Jevon obtained degrees in engineering from Bluefield State College, the same institution his grandfather attended many years ago. Aside from being a 3 Up 2 Up ambassador, Jevon is currently an engineering supervisor for one of our nation's leading railroad companies.  

Jevon, like far too many others, was raised by a single mother. Aspired to beat the odds, he states "I always felt my only option was to make the best out of my circumstance and never allow it to make the least out of me." This reflects a societal trend of 80% of today's youth being raised by strong single mothers. Like Jevon, you too can transcend your circumstance. 

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