How A High School Hand Symbol Turned Into A Business Brand
People are asking me left and right where to get a shirt thanks to this article!
— Erica Downard

Do you remember the days when you would get uncontrollably excited about your first goal, score, or touch down? Maybe it was winning that all important game that pushed your team forward to make States? What about the high school and college rivalries that still exist to this day? There really is something special about being competitive and representing your team or city. It's those candid moments that come with winning that gives you such an adrenaline rush; you can't help but innately showcase your excitement any way you can. In this case, something as simple as throwing up a 3 and a 2 was all that was needed to spark a movement.

I got in touch with the brand manager for a West Virginia based clothing company called 3 Up 2 Up, a brand that cleverly uses hand symbols to capture the state’s initials. With the brand’s creators coming from highly competitive backgrounds, having both played at the collegiate level, the message behind their clothing couldn’t be more applicable.

Over our call discussing in depth about the brands creation, I got to learn more about the premise behind the logo and what it was supporting. Unfortunately, West Virginia has had its share of negative connotations from people who’ve never experienced the state outside of conversations.

A state with a population of about 2 million, 3 Up 2 Up looks to break the stereotypes associated with West Virginia and continue to push a logo that has stayed with them since grade school. The owners say they relentlessly strive to positively light up their “Mountain State,” encouraging all people to Transcend Your Environment.