WVU Graduate Moves To ATL To Pursue His Passion
Pete Myers - WVU.JPG

We’ve all experienced a time in our lives where we are unsure what our answer is. I leave this ambiguous because I believe it can be applicable in variety of contexts. We all are products of our environment, looking to be heard and understood through our actions. What we put out into this world is what we would like reciprocated. Throughout The Millennial-Y’s featured series, our goal is to shed a light on those who have a vision and are searching for the bigger answer in the grand scheme.

If you don’t believe why should anyone else believe in you.
— Pete Myers

Pete Myers is a West Virginia University graduate who recently moved to Atlanta to pursue a passion that was discovered through a way of expressing himself: music. The universal healer for many in this world. For Pete, music is his outlet.

Amid the dedication tied with his pursuit in music, Pete is also a major contributor to West Virginia’s popular clothing brand 3 Up 2 Up. Outside of Pete’s creative workings in music, the West Virginia native was actually the brainchild behind the notorious “Palms Out” logo that is marketed for the 3 Up 2 Up brand. Not only that, but the artist also devised the idea of placing an excerpt from JFK’s empowering speech celebrating West Virginia’s centennial for the promotional 3 Up 2 Up video. A video that showcases the beauty and dignity of West Virginia. Pete prides himself on the devotion to his home state, his goals, and being involved with other creatives that help push a broader narrative for his state. With his recently released single “Chance” out now, Pete wants to make sure that his message and persistence in what he is doing is passed off to others, and hopefully help ignite that inspiration for others to do the same.

Brad Dobbins