God's Country


A contemporary take on rural streetwear, the God’s Country campaign offers various styles of natives and the environments from which their beauty are derived. The campaign is meant to challenge the thought, and lifestyle, of an everyday West Virginian. Our design inspiration stretches around the state: you will see garments emblazoned with iconic places such as Seneca Rocks to our state bird, the Northern Cardinal, in addition to coal and sandstone colored beanies.

We used the infamous Lake Shawnee Amusement Park for a backdrop to help us deliver this rural streetwear appeal. The amusement park has a record of spooky history, starting off with being a Native American burial ground. You will see a beautiful array of our state and its wonderful people in the campaign videos and lookbook. Welcome to #GodsCountry, where we break the mold from within these mountains.

Trends are temporary…God’s Country is everlasting.