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The Millionaire

During the Golden Age of Bramwell, the town boasted more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in the country; springing up seemingly overnight as a result of the 1800s coal-mining boom. A time where King Coal produced more millionaires than Wall Street. This was surely a time of prosperity and wealth for West Virginia, especially the most southern tip of the state. To commemorate Bramwell's cultural heritage and the 30th year anniversary of the 1988 Championship team we are releasing a 5-piece collection featuring apparel and accessories inspired by The Millionaires.

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The Origin of ‘West Virginia’... And The Original Names of Our State!

In late 1861, lawmakers gathered in Wheeling to create a constitution for the “Restored Government of Virginia” that had been formed after Virginia’s western counties rejected the state’s vote to secede from the Union.

But what to call this new state? Turns out that West Virginia was not the first name proposed — or even the second or third. Check out some of these proposed names for the new state. Which name would you choose?

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