The Millionaire

A walk down "Millionaire Row" (by Austin O'Connor). 

During the Golden Age of Bramwell, the town boasted more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in the country; springing up seemingly overnight as a result of the 1800s coal-mining boom. A time where King Coal produced more millionaires than Wall Street. This was surely a time of prosperity and wealth for West Virginia, especially the most southern tip of the state. 

This mansion was built in 1910 for Edward Cooper Sr. It is the first house in the country to be entirely roofed in copper (by Rebecca Kasey). 

Bramwell reflects large fortunes amassed by local coal barons and is now renowned for well preserved Victorian and Tudor style mansions on a brick-cobbled street, known as Millionaire Row. The town was international from its beginning, built by men from 15 different countries. The Cooper house is one of only six in Bramwell owned by descendants of the original builders.

Millionaire Memorialization  

From this legacy comes even richer history, about fifty years ago the undefeated 1967 Bramwell Millionaires won their first Class A West Virginia State Championship with a 26-0 record. The Millionaires also set a record that still stands for greatest margin of victory in a championship game by defeating Bethany 86-49. 

1967 Bramwell Millionaires

1970 Bramwell Millionaires 

Moreover, the Millionaires won the 1971 Class A Championship over Hamlin 58-40 ending their season with a 19-6 record...after suffering a heartbreaking 61-56 loss the year before to Hedgesville in the 1970 state final.

Perhaps the sweetest of them all came from the 1988 team, because they promised to win the trophy for Bramwell's centennial. The Millionaires finally brought home a Championship after their fourth consecutive upstate appearance. The late coach Robert Wray was named Coach of the Year, while Lamont Woods was named Player of the Year.

1987 Bramwell Team

To commemorate Bramwell's cultural heritage and the 30th year anniversary of the 1988 Championship team, we are releasing a 5-piece collection featuring apparel and accessories inspired by The Millionaires