The "Transcend Collection"

Austin O'Connor exploring Dolly Sods (by Tyler Pralley) 

Native West Virginian Austin O’ Connor commonly refers to himself as an amateur scenic-landscape photographer. He’s always aspired to capture the beauty West Virginia holds ever since his father lent him a lens. Opposite of what pop culture has portrayed our state as (with shows like Buckwild), Austin digs beneath the surface of West Virginia to snap breathtaking shots of our state.

His optimism has led him to look for the best in everything he sees. Perhaps this was the most significant trait Austin possessed in college after his father passed from cancer his senior year.  In December of 2015, Austin graduated with his bachelor’s degree in English Literature - a degree he plans on utilizing as a freelancer.  Austin is now changing the perception of our state from his scenic vantage point and by connecting with our brand to make a difference.

Dolly Sods Wilderness (by Austin O'Connor)

Together, we bring to you the captivating beauty of our state through the Transcend Collection. The collection is made up of two parts: “Iconic Monuments,” such as the New River Gorge or Dolly Sods, and “Hidden Gems,” which will be revealed as we unearth its true beauties. The Transcend Collection will feature the state’s first scenic graphic products, embellished with our rich industrial heritage and scenic beauty. We will gradually deliver more picturesque merchandise that will showcase the Wild and Wonderful beauties of our state.

Our collaborative efforts aim to encourage natives, as well as visitors, to explore our Wild and Wonderful landscape.  It won’t take long to discover why this inherent feature of mountainous terrain elegantly distinguishes us as the “Mountain State”. With your support, we will continue to invest in our gorgeous state and West Virginia's leading industry: Travel and Tourism.   

Roger May launched his project called “Looking at Appalachia” which encourages amateur and professional photographers to create their own content. We will continue to harness the power of visual-media representation of West Virginia by producing positive imagery and apparel.

Tyler Pralley enjoying the scenic views of Dolly Sods (by Austin O'Connor) 

A portion of the proceeds will go to Austin O'Connor whose mission is to capture the best of West Virginia and change the perception of the state through positive visual imagery.